Recall Bisexuality Day 2019 Date: Know Bisexual Pride Day History

On September 23, the world celebrates Bisexuality Day, an event that was founded in 1999 to celebrate the bisexual community. Also called Bisexual Pride Day and Bi Visibility Day, the aim to observe the day is precise—discuss the issues that bisexual people face to become more visible. Bisexuals tend to experience a significant stigma around their sexual identity. They are bisexuals in a lesbian or a gay relationship. It is to battle this stereotype that we need to observe this day. As we celebrate Bisexuality Day 2019, here is more detail, including the history, significance, and celebrations associated with Bi Visibility Day that you must know.

Bisexual Pride Day History and Significance

Bisexuality Day was first officially observed in 1999 at the International Lesbian and Gay Association Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. Celebrate Bisexuality Day is the brainchild of three bisexual rights activists, namely Wendy Curry of Maine, Michael Page of Florida, and Gigi Raven Wilbur of Texas. The celebration, as opposed to LGBT events, was conceived as a response to the prejudice and marginalization of bisexual people by a few in both the straight and more significant LGBT communities. Bisexuality is often considered to be “half gay” or an initial step to gay and lesbian identities. If being a woman, you are with a man; in most cases, people think of you as straight, and if with a woman, they take you as a lesbian. Some big problems lead people to celebrate Bi Visibility Day.

Bisexuality Day Celebrations

People arrange many events across the country. For people of the blue, pink, and purple stripes, it is a time to raise awareness of issues faced by bisexual communities. BiNet USA in 2014 declared the seven days surrounding Celebrate Bisexuality Day to be Bi Awareness Week. The week begins the Sunday before the main event. The goals of Bisexuality Awareness Week include accelerating acceptance of the bisexuals, drawing attention to the experiences and celebrating the resiliency of the community.

There are mental and sexual health issues arisen because of the attitudes towards society. Bisexuality Day is a significant event that is celebrated annually in September. It is imperative to understand the problems and stereotypes that people of this community face.